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Offset Printed Pins
are much more versatile when it comes to graphic options than other pins. These pins are printed on a flat metal surface, using process color inks that can be used to reproduce photographs. Soft shading and gradients are possible, and there is no requirement to separate each color area with metal 
as with soft enamel.

Extremely fine details can be achieved using this process. Virtually unlimited imagination is possible, since this is not like metal working, but more like printing. Our team of artists can create almost any design
you can think up!

These pins are covered with a thick coat of hard epoxy to protect the printed design and provide a high gloss shine for years. For an additional fee, we can incorporate glitter inks, bare metal areas, blinkies, and other special effects.

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Offset Printed Pins

Die Struck Soft Enamel custom team pins are among our most popular sellers due to their unique 3-D appearance. The raised and recessed areas on the surface of the pin provide dimension without sacrificing the quality craftsmanship that our customers are accustomed to receiving.

Available in a variety of plating options designed to compliment your team's logo or artwork, Soft Enamel trading pins have a distinct look, feel, and appearance that add perceived value to your order. The colors that you select are hand filled with quality enamel paint and baked to perfection. Once cool, every Soft Enamel trading pin is hand polished and inspected entirely before being shipped to you. However, if you have ultra-fine detail, shading or color gradiations in your design, this is not the process for you.

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Die Struck Soft Enamel Pins

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